Lock service for Chinese front doors

Handle and shield replacement

The handle and shield unit on the Chinese doors is made of a very weak material. Actually it is made of a metal plate. We receive many phone calls on a regular base accourding this problem.  Usually the handle of the door breaks and sometimes there is nothing left but the key, we can operate the door with.

Our company can solve this problem for you very easily and quickly. What you have to know is that the handle and the shield comes in a complete package. The new handle-shield unit is already strenghtened with a steel frame. Since this frame is made of steel it won’t break anymore. Furthermore, your door won’t be a target for the burglars anymore. If they can’t break the handle and the shield, they won’t reach the cylinder in order to unlock the door.

Lock mechanism replacement and exchange

There are Chinese doors, which operate with one lock, and some others operate with two separate locks. Usually the more expensive and the thicker doors are installed with two locks.

The main lock, which is located under the handle, has three rods. The rods’ shape can be round shape or oval. This lock makes three-ways locking by two key turns. There is a different version of the lock for right and left-handed doors. Our representative will help you to find out, which one you will need.

There can be found an upper lock on the thicker doors. This lock has two types. One has bigger body and operates three rods. The other one has small body and operates four, smaller size rods. In this case all the rods are round shape. These upper locks make a one-way locking. Since they don’t have any latches, they are perfect for right and left-handed doors as well.

All the lock mechanisms, that are installed in these Chinese doors, are driven with cylinders. Sometimes it is not clear for our customers which one went bad. Just call us, we replace the broken ones for you.

Cylinder replacement/exchange

There can be so many problems with the cylinders, too. Originally the cylinder is made in China, which is understandable. We strongly suggest the replacement of the cylinder for two reasons. Firstly, because the quality is questionable and we are not sure that it will work perfectly for a long time. Secondly, because there is well know technic for burglars to manipulate and unlock these weak quality cylinders in no time. So, there isn’t any protection in the Chinese cylinders.

Think twice and go for prevention before anything happens!

Unlocking HiSec doors

There are two things, why you would need to have your HiSec or other Chinese door unlocked.

The most understandable reason when somebody lost the keys. The other reason could be, when the lock went bad and stopped operating at once.

We suggest to call a professional lock service provider.  Trying to unlock a security door without any knowledge, tools and experience, you could totally destroy your door. We already saw so many completely damaged doors, we can’t even count. Call us, we unlock it for you professionally, without any harm to the door.  After the unlocking procedure we will install a new cylinder, and it will work better than before.

We also have to mention that kind of door opening procedure, when someone just locked him/herself out. In this case the door is not locked only closed. We open it for you without causing any harm to the door, nor the cylinder. There will be no exhange or any replacement needed.

Chinese door adjustment

There is only one situation, when we can make any adjustment on the Chinese doors.  When the rods of the lock cannot find their way into the receiving hole. This time we can file the holes, make them bigger, and adjust them in order the rods could find their way.

But if the door was built in not the right way, not professionally perfectly, and that’s the reason the lock doesn’t operate perfectly, or the door makes different sounds, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Call our English-spekaking operator and make an appointment to replace the cylinders and the locks in your Chinese doors.

Professional lock service! We exchange, replace locks, cylinders, handles, shields, unlock and open your doors.

Great service with warranty,  best prices!

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zárcsere, zárcsere Budapest, zárszerviz, zárszerviz Budapest
zárcsere, zárcsere Budapest, zárszerviz, zárszerviz Budapest
zárcsere, zárcsere Budapest, zárszerviz, zárszerviz Budapest