Professional locksmith service in Budapest

Our company specialized in lock service which we provide on the spot.

Many foreign English-speaking people live in Budapest who needs our services. Usually they do not know whom to turn to with these lock problems. Our returning satisfied customers are the proof that we offer a good quality service in Budapest and in its neighborhoods.

Our colleagues can help you out. Our representatives speak English and experts in our service fields. Probably our locksmiths do not speak English well, but they always keep in touch with our operator who will help them with the translation.

We provide professional locksmith services in Budapest.

We take on the following lock services:

  • cylinder change in any type of doors – we install only premium or middle category cylinders
  • lock mechanism and multi-point lock change
  • quality installations
  • secondary or bar lock installation for extra security
  • professional unlocking services
  • Chinese, plastic and security doors services from experts

We perform the work for you for a reasonable cost and warranty.

Coding and changing Israeli Mul-T-Lock and RB cylinders

If you possess an original Israeli security door and have any problems with your lock or cylinder, contact immediately our customer service!

We change or code the Israeli cylinders on the spot. If you have a great quality cylinder in your door, such as Classic, we do not suggest exchanging it for a poorer quality. We can recode it for you, so it won’t work with their old keys. We provide a new key set for you.

Our locksmiths and lock exchange service are available in Budapest. Our colleagues possess years of lock exchange experience in any kind of lock exchange.

Chinese type of front door – lock, cylinder and handle change

Our company exchanges the locks, cylinders and handles of these Chinese front doors. The size of the cylinder depends on the door’s thickness and the cylinders are asymmetric. Our lock expert colleagues install European standard cylinders instead of Chinese cylinders into these doors. The European standard cylinders’ quality is much better and more secure. Generally, five or three keys belong to these cylinders.

Plastic (PVC) door– cylinder change

In the case of PVC doors, our cylinder exchange service is available within 1-3 hrs. in Budapest. You only need to pay for the labor which has been done and for the material (cylinder) cost.

We always have different types and sizes of cylinders in our service cars, so we are able to solve all the problems right at the spot. That’s why we can keep our prices low, so this way we don’t need to go back to the address twice.

Our customers always have choices to choose from different type of cylinders. Generally, we install middle category cylinders into plastic doors, but if there’s a claim we can install high, premium category cylinders as well. Premium category cylinders are equipped with 3 keys, and a plastic code card, which needs to be present when key copy is required.

Bar lock and pump cylinder lock installing

Our service company install either a bar lock or a pump cylinder lock (surface mount security lock) on your front door. If you want perfect security, if you want to feel secure and make your door stronger to avoid break-ins, feel free to contact us!

If you want to change your bar lock, which is already installed on your door, because it is old, does not look secure, doesn’t operate perfectly anymore, just give us a call and we change it for you.

Mailbox lock replacement

After moving to another place, you will never know who owns a spare key. We always suggest having the lock replaced so nobody can have access to your mailbox.

If you have any problems with your mailbox lock, you need replacement, unlocking service or any kind of lock service; please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to make your door more secure or would like to replace your old-fashioned bar lock, if you need a cylinder replacement in your bar lock call our customer service.

We are at your disposal non-stop.

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