Kale - lock service

If you possess a certain type of security front door, which is operated by a Kale lock you are on the right place.

Our locksmith team is specialized in Kale locks. The most popular and most often used Kale security locks are installed in a certain type of front doors. If your Kale lock stopped working completely or it hardly works give us a call. Our specialist will exchange or repair the lock on the spot within an hour.

Also call us if you lost your keys and need an expert who can open your door without any damage of the door. We only damage the lock which can be easily replaced. Do not hesitate to call our English-speaking representative.

Our mobile number is: +36 30 408 8914

Kale security locks are made in Turkey, our company is buying the locks directly from the Turkish factory.

Take a photo of your door and send us, we will identify the Kale locks you possess and let you know all the cost immediately.

Our email address is: profizar@gmail.com

Please indicate your mobile number as well and we will call you back with all the details.

If you do not need our service, you still can purchase Kale locks from us.

We need a picture of the lock to identify it. After that we tell you the price of the lock and you can buy it directly from us. Our office is in the heart of Budapest. We are open 24/7.

Our mobile number is: +36 30 408 8914

Call us if you need help, we take all kind of lock service jobs!

Our prices are reasonable. We always provide invoice to our customers, which enforces the warranty. We do not take advantage of our foreign customers, we provide the best prices, one-year warranty and an English-speaking operator, who will help with the translation if necessary.

Don’t hesitate to call us: +36 30 408 8914