Locksmith service

Our company’s specialized in changing and installing Israeli high-quality cylinders, security locks and adjusting Mul-T-Lock/Superlock/Imilock security doors. We serve the capital and Pest county, for almost 20 years.

Our lock service includes comprehensive and immediate help for anyone, who has any kind of lock problems in Budapest with the Mul-T-Lock door and its locks, cylinders. We do every type of jobs for you, starting from door unlocking, throughout the cylinder encoding, gear applying, we undertake all kind of lock service tasks.

In Hungary our company is the first and only one, whose technicians can encode the Mul-T-Lock cylinders on the spot. This way you are not necessary forced to have the cylinder exchanged. It is easily possible, that you possess a Mul-T-Lock Classic cylinder, which is a high-quality product.  During the exchange, to receive a similar quality cylinder, you must pay twice as much, as you need to pay for the cylinder encoding.

Since we have a great partner in Israel we exclusively use their products for all the Mul-T-Lock products. This partner of ours is Rav-Bariach (RB), who founded Mul-T-Lock the brand, what AssaAbloy brought later. RB is still manufacture high-quality cylinders with interactive pins (LOCXIS) and security locks as well.

Mul-T-Lock security door

The Mul-T-Lock security door is a high-quality front door, which is operated with a three-way Mul-T-Lock security lock, a cylinder, which is protected with a shield. These Mul-T-Lock doors had been imported from Israel.

In Budapest usually these front doors are installed in modern apartment buildings. In these buildings all the front doors are identical.

RB cylinder change

Regarding the Mul-T-Lock doors, most often the cylinders need to be exchanged. Please contact our customer service, we are happy to serve you.

We also exchange and install the israeli cylinders in any kind of front doors. It doesn’t matter if you have Chinese, plastic, regular wooden doors, we do the job for you and install the chosen RB cylinders. Our service cars are equipped with all types and sizes of RB cylinders.

After contacting our call center, we try to arrange the requested service within the shortest time.

Encoding, gear applying

Our specialists have years of experience with the Mul-T-Lock/RB products. They can easily encode the cylinders on the spot, this way you don’t need to order the expensive lock change. You can keep your old cylinder; we only change the status of the pins inside the cylinder, so the old keys won’t operate it anymore. You will receive a new key set. We can perform it if you lost your keys or moved into another flat.

We apply this procedure for example with the Mul-T-Lock Classic cylinders. This one is a high-quality product, so with a relative low cost you could keep it. On your new key set you will see the RB logo.

At the spot we are also able to apply a gear onto the cylinder. If somebody already bought a cylinder, we can put the gear on it, to make it operate the security lock, installed in the front door.

In case if you locked yourself out

If you locked yourself out of your flat, contact us immediately!

We open the door for you easily and smoothly. In this case the door and the lock will remain unharmed. We guarantee it!

If you experience door problems, or you need door adjustments, call us!

In the case of any kind of lock problem please feel free to contact us!

We are at your disposal 24/7.

Customer service mobile number: 06-30-408-8914